The Use of E-mail Marketing for the City of Columbiana


March 10, 2017

Columbiana is a small village with large attributes and benefits. From their warm, friendly residents to their small-town, down-home charm, Columbiana is the perfect small village for those who appreciate a laid-back lifestyle. Though it is considered small, it boasts local services for its residents such as a police department, a fire department, and numerous business establishments. One of the best and fastest ways Columbiana could keep in contact with its residents and all its services is through the effective use of e-mail marketing and a strong e-mail marketing strategy.

The local police department uses e-mail marketing to not only warn residents of potential dangers as well as to check on elderly residents who may not always be able to make it to the local precinct. They communicate with local school administration and parents via e-mail when they are presenting special programs geared toward assisting parents and children with general safety, health, and well-being. Some residents may also choose to communicate with the local Columbiana Police Department while remaining anonymous. This is especially helpful when reporting and fighting crime. Residents will feel safe, secure, and satisfied knowing that the police are there to serve and protect without having to worry about whether or not their tips will be handled anonymously.

The local fire department can use e-mail marketing to improve community communications as well as advertise locally sponsored events and fund-raisers. In a small community like Columbiana, the local fire department often relies upon local fund-raising efforts to further support and improve their services. They may also use e-mail marketing to increase inter-departmental communications for purposes such as training, special community events, and newsletters highlighting departmental information and activities. Residents may also use this form of communication to assist their local fire department with communications in regard to fires, auto accidents, and other emergency situations in which the fire department may respond faster than other local authorities or emergency services. Because our fire department and fire officials are also trained and certified in emergency services, they may advertise medical training and seminars. E-mail marketing is a brilliant strategy they may use for fund-raisers, online newsletters, and other fire department events that both benefit the community and enhance their training opportunities.

Columbiana’s business establishments may benefit the most from the use of e-mail marketing. They may benefit so much from this type of marketing that they would not only increase and improve Columbiana’s tax base, they could boost tourism and help Columbiana grow. E-mail marketing campaigns are perfect for Columbiana’s business establishments like getting crazy discount on infusionsoft or using ontraport and convertkit side by side. Businesses could not only advertise their services, they could also offer special discounts, special programs, and boost sales. Online sales may increase, making Columbiana a worldwide sensation in the e-mail marketing world. Local residents could communicate with businesses regarding sales, merchandise, and assist with business and product ideas. Columbiana’s local businesses could benefit greatly from e-mail marketing campaigns, giving residents a sense of community pride as well as offering special discounts during seasonal sales and local celebrations.

E-mail marketing would greatly benefit Columbiana, taking its small village atmosphere out to the world. Welcome, World, to Columbiana! Our residents and businesses welcome you!


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