What To Do If Your Dog Shows An Aptitude For Agility

Columbiana contests are relatively new for dogs. They started out initially as entertainment in the 1970s but soon turned into competitions where dog and owner would train to try to be the best and fastest in their size group. Now you often see them on TV, and it looks like the dogs are having as much fun as the crowd has watched the competition. It’s a win-win situation. You will hear people say that agility training is like dogs going back to their roots: in the wild, they had to be the fastest and most agile to catch tricky, escaping prey like rabbits. Agility training somewhat mocks those same skills.

A Little Talent and a Lot of Training is All You Need

If you think you might want to start Robbie in agility contests, he’ll first need to train to get into that tip top shape necessary for the contest. Agility training will no doubt bring him to the peak of his physical fitness, and even if he seems chipper and energetic now, he’s probably not ready for the level of an agility competition just yet. Start gradually by taking him for longer walks and adding in bursts of running every now and then. Get him used to changing direction quickly and running longer each week. Also, start feeding him fruity food for dogs (mybonesandbiscuits.com/can-dogs-eat-celery) Have you noticed what the bonus is here? YOU will also be getting into better shape with him! Sounds like another win-win! One of the best things dogs do for humans is to get them off the couch and into action more often. And one of the best things you can do for Robbie is to keep him in shape and healthy. Training for agility does just that.

Typical agility contests have several obstacles. There are A-frames (two ramps that meet at the top in a triangle or ‘A’ shape), seesaws, tunnels, various types of jumps, and the famous “weave poles.” This may be the most distinctive obstacle of the competition, where the dog quickly weaves in and out of a line of poles with amazing speed. Each contest will have varying amounts of each of these obstacles, each with a different setup, so Robbie will surely have to be an expert at all of them. If you have an agility training center somewhere near your home, you’ll be able to teach Robbie each one of these skills. Allow him to master one first, and then add anther and so on. Alternatively, you should be able to buy or cheaply build at least some of them in your own backyard.

Robbie will have to be able to navigate this course simply by watching and listening to your commands. He won’t be able to memorize the course on his own because it’s much too complicated. Because of this, he’ll need to be trained extremely well. A well-trained dog is not only easier for you to live with, but it also gives Robbie more confidence and happiness. Most dogs love to be challenged and learn new things, and if you think Robbie has an aptitude for agility, he will probably excel. He’ll need to know commands like left, right, turn, up, down, slow and fast. Some competitions have a platform where he’ll have to sit still for a designated amount of time, so he’ll also need to be able to sit and stay. But Robbie already knows that one, right?

Chances are that you and Robbie will both get lots of benefits from agility training. Even if you decide never to compete, training gets you both into better shape, gives him more confidence and is a great way to bond. There really are no downsides to this!


Ping pong offers plenty of health benefits. It is no wonder that the city of Columbiana has really supported this sport. In the 2016 county obstacle challenge, Columbiana teams featured. In one of the reports on the environmental scan of co-curricular programs in Washington schools, it is reported a commitment to financially support the sports activities in broad categories which included ping pong. Categorically, Ping pong is now receiving support from authorities perhaps because of its health benefits as discussed below:

    1. Ping pong develops mental alertness and acuity. The accurate placement, spinning, and speeding is crucial in ping pong. It requires sharpness in mind and brain to play well. This undoubtedly sharpens mental prowess.
    2. Ping pong also burns calories in the body. Considering the fact that the sport is very entertaining and addictive, it greatly helps in the burning of calories. A person weighing 150 pounds can lose up to 272 calories in an hour of ping pong play.
    3. Ping pong also improves hand and eye coordination, because playing the game requires concentration and tactical planning that boosts psycho-motor skills. This game is suitable for both young and old. the young will sharpen their reflexes and older for physical therapy.
    4. ping pong is also important in strengthening joints. Knee and back problems will be a thing of the past if a person plays ping pong. Ping pong will improve your legs and arms.
    5. Ping pong is a socializing game. It offers a social outlet and an opportunity to cement your friendship and relationship with others. Because young and old can play together, the young can benefit from the experiences of the old. Young people will find mentors and role models to shape their views on life. At the family level, playing ping pong will help parent-children relations as well as siblings and improved game
    6. Ping pong also sharpens the brain. Clinical studies in Japan shows that ping pong, to a large, extent increases the flow of blood to the brain.

  1. It also improves balance. While playing ping pong, staying balanced and having the ability to change direction quickly, helps in improving balance especially for the elderly.
  2. Ping pong also stimulates various parts of the brain. In anticipating the opponent’s move, you use the front part of the brain. The quicken breathing due to the rigorous physical activity of the game stimulates the hippocampus part of the brain that is linked to memory.

To conclude, it is paramount to make lifestyle choices that keep you mentally, physically and socially alive. Even for the elderly, it is crucial that they engage in rigorous physical activities as this will boost their health. The city of Columbiana mayor and city council should see to it that resources, information, and facilities are available both to institutions and the community so that people can live healthily. As a matter of fact, the enlightened citizenry is important especially in making informed choices when it comes to their health. Several people in the world today, and the city of Columbiana being no exception, due to weighing and related cause. Obesity is on the rise and this has lead to cardiovascular problems which can be solved by exercising.

Smoked Foods Sharing in a Small Town

Smoked foods are the type of meals that are prepared through the process of smoking. Most of the foods that are being smoked are the meats and fish. However, even cheese, vegetables, and other ingredients in certain beverages are also processed through smoking.

During the process of smoking, a food will be exposed to the smoke for a certain period of time. The smoke that is being exposed to the food will be coming from burning woods or any materials that can be burned. Alder is the type of wood that is traditionally being used in smoking because it is great for outdoor grills. But, the most commonly used is the oak wood and beech.

While the food is exposed to the smoke, the smoke deeply penetrates the inner part of the food. This process causes the distinctive smoky flavor of smoked foods. Aside from the flavor, the food will also become brown in color due to the chemical reaction between the burning material and fire. Moreover, even though the food is not directly being touched by the fire, the food will somehow become cooked because of the hot smoke.

The process of smoking of food began during the times of primitive cavemen. This was their way of preserving their meats and fish. But smoking as a process of cooking started in the 1700s and was introduced to the Caribbean through the African slaves that were imported by the British. Some of these slaves are American slaves.

Typically, slaves are only left with the worst cuts of animal meat. With this poor quality of food, only slow cooking and gentle smoking are the only ways to make these waste cuts enjoyable to eat. Soon after, they found out that these smoked food are good with sauces that will further enhance the flavor of the meat. Later on, these smoked foods became part of a main house meal in the late 1800s.

When the Civil War has ended, the former American slaves continued the cooking process of smoking. And to earn something for a living, they found an opportunity in the smoked foods. Hence, they began selling this delicious type of food within their villages and neighboring towns. Shortly, every small town in America started putting up pit-style food houses where smoked foods are part of the main menu.

For many years, pit traditions had become a local gathering in every small town in the United State of America and barbecue, a type of smoked food, became a phenomenon. Every house has a grill the best barbecue with this equipment and grilling became a hobby in leisure times.

Currently, each small town in the United States has their own signature smoked food dishes. There are small restaurants and food businesses, or pit style roadhouses that are still offering smoked foods. Primarily, small town roadhouses sell smoke foods for their neighbors and co-residents. However, residents from other places intentionally visit small towns just to taste the authentic flavor of smoked foods. In addition, other small towns even hold small gatherings, events, and contests to promote their smoked foods.